Methods of Grafting


Methods of Grafting

There are several techniques of grafting followed in different plants, suitable in different situation. Adoption of any suitable technique facilities, sources available etc.

A) Scion Attached Methods:

These are the methods of grafting where in the scion is kept attached to the mother plant till the graft union takes place and then the graft is separated in stage taking cuts on scion below the graft union and on root stock above the graft union. This principle is followed in following methods:

i) Simple approach or inarching.

ii) Saddle grafting.

iii) Tongue grafting.

B) Scion Detached Methods:

These are the grafting methods where in the scion is first detached from mother plan then inserted in to root stock so as the union takes place and combination continues to grow. These methods are:

i) Veneer grafting.

ii) Wedge grafting.

iii) Saddle grafting.

iv) Whip and tongue grafting.

v) Whip grafting.

Vi) Softwood grafting.

vi) Stone grafting.

vii) Softwood grafting.

C) Methods of Grafting on Established Trees:

Methods which can be successfully adopted to convert the inferior established plants in to the superior or desired one. These are

i) Side grafting

ii) Crown grafting

iii) Top working.

Top Working is Performed in Three Ways:

a) By inarching the new shoots growing from the cut ends of branched of stock plants.

b) By Forket budding.

c) By crown grafting.

D) Methods of Renovation:

These are the grafting methods which are adopted to rejuvenable the old threes having religious feeling or the plants injured deeply due to mechanical operation, pests disease at their, roots etc.

i) Bridge grafting

ii) Buttress grafting.

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