Merits and Demerits Exploration and Collection of Germplasm


Merits and Demerits Exploration and Collection of Germplasm

There are several merits and demerits of exploration and collection of germplasm, some of which are as discussed below:


1. Collection helps in tapping crop genetic diversity and assembling the same at one place. It reduces the loss of genetic due to genetic erosion.
2. Sometimes, we get material of special interest during exploration trips.
3. Sometimes, we come across a new plant species during the process of collection.
4. Collection also helps in saving certain genotype from extinction. Once the material is collected, it can be maintained further in the germplasm.


1. Collection of germplasm especially from other countries, sometimes leads to entry of new diseases, new insects and new weeds.
2. Collection is a tendious job. The collection has to be made generally from uncultivated areas like hills, mountains, river valleys and forests, where the collector faces problems of boarding, lodging and transportation.
3. In the remote areas, the collector sometimes has encounter with wild animals like elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions and snakes which involve risk of life.
4. Transoration of huge collections also poses difficulties in the exploration and collection.

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