Meaning of Seed and Its Importance


Meaning of Seed and Its Importance


Any plant part used for raising the crop is seed. Seed include true seed seedling cutting, rhizome, grafts, roots etc used for Propagation.
Botanically seed is matured integument mega sporangium. Seed is also defined as matured ovule consisting or embryonic together with store of food surrounded by protective coat.

Importance of Seed in Crop Production:

Seed is crucial and basic input to increase crop yields per unit area. The importance of seed in crop production is known to human being since Vedic period. There is clear mention in ancient literature yajarveda “May the seed viable,may the rains plentiful and may the grains ripe days and nights”

History of agriculture progress from early days is also the history of seed of new crops and varieties. The progress was very fast from last three decades. The green revolution was only possible with production of generally pure seeds possessing other qualities namely high generation, high vigours high physical purity and sound health. Hence green revolution is in fact seed revolution.

Only seeds of assured quality can be expected to respond to fertilizer and other inputs in expected manner, otherwise see of hope may turn into seed of frustration.

Among the inputs used by farmers seed in the cheapest input. It is basic inputs and forms small part of the total cost of cultivation. The good seed also increase the efficiency of the factor of crop production.

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