Maturity Signs and Harvesting of Kokum


Maturity Signs and Harvesting of Kokum

Maturity Sings of Kokum:

1. The fruits generally require 94 days to mature after flowering.
2. The colour of fruit changes from green to light green and red and purplish red when ripe.
3. Physical parameters at mature stage.
a. Average weight of fruit 34.01 gm ( depends on the type)
b. Specific gravity 1.04.
4. Chemical parameters at mature stage. A. T.S.S. 13.68% b. Acidity 3.61 % c. Total sugar 6.35%.

Harvesting of Kokum:

1. Generally riped fruits ( red to purplish red colour) are harvested. The fruits are harvested manually by picking or beating with MANGA. The “Atul Sapota” Harvester “ developed by Konkan Krishi Vidyappeth , Dapoli can be used for harvesting kokum fruits.

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