Manuring, Irrigation and Crop Rotation in Potato Cultivation


Manuring, Irrigation and Crop Rotation in Potato Cultivation


1. 25 to 35 C. L. FYM per hectare is added in soil at the time of preparation of land.
2. The fertilizer dose recommended for M.S. is 100 kg N, 100 kg P and 62 kg K/ha.
3. Out of these ¾ quantity N and complete P and K are given as basal dose at planting.
4. The remaining ¼ quantity of N is given at the time of second earthing up i.e. 25 days after planting.
5. The potash should be given in form of sulphate of potash.


1. Potato is grown as rainfed crop in kharif and no irrigation is needed.
2. But one to two irrigations may be given if there is a long dry spell between two rains.
3. For rabi crop first irrigation is given immediately after planting.
4. Other irrigations are given at 6 to 8 days.
5. In all 8 to 10 irrigation are needed depending upon the soil type and variety.
6. The irrigation water should be free from salt as potato cannot tolerate saline water.
7. Heavy application of irrigation should be avoided as it may results in decaying of tubers.


1. Bajri/maize (Kharif)            –         Potato (Rabi)
2. Guar / groundnut (Kharif)  –           Potato (Rabi)
3. Potato (Kharif)                    –           Jowar or wheat (Rabi)

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