Manuring, Irrigation and Crop Rotation in Chilli Cultivation


Manuring, Irrigation and Crop Rotation in Chilli Cultivation


1. 15 to 20 tons of FYM/ha is added after clod crushing and mixed in soil by harrowing.
2. Dose of fertilizer for rainfed chilli crop is 40 to 50 kg N:30 to 40 kg P2O5 : 30 to 40kg K2O/ha.
3. Dose of fertilizer for irrigated chilli crop is 8 to 90kg N: 40 to 50kg P2O5 :40 to 50kg K2O/ha.
4. All O2O5 and K2O should be applied at the time of transplanting.
5. N is applied by ring method to each plant in two split doses.
6. First dose is given after 15 days of transplanting when plants are established and second at flowering stage.


1. In case of kharif chilli crop irrigation is not required if timely rains are received during rainy season.
2. But under dry spell one to two irrigation may be given by opening furrows between the rows.
3. In case of rabi crop irrigations are given at 15 to 20 days interval.
4. In case of summer crop it is given at 8 to 10 days interval.
5. Critical stages of irrigation are transplanting, flowering and fruit development stage.


1. Rainfed chilli crop is rotated with crops like jawar, bajri, and wheat.
2. Irrigated chilli crop is rotated with sugarcane, turmeric and pulses.

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