Manuring and Irrigation for Cultivation of Rabi Sorghum



Manuring and Irrigation for Cultivation of Rabi Sorghum


1. 5 to 6 tons of FYM/ha. for rainfed and 8 to 12 tons FYM/ha. for irrigated Jowar crop is added in soil at the time of land preparation.
2. The dose of fertilizer is as below:

a) Local improved varieties:    50kg N and 25kg P2O5/ha.
b) Hybrid varieties: 125 kg N, 75 kg P2O5 and 62 kg K2O/ha.
3. In rainfed condition half dose of N and full dose of P and K is applied at the time of sowing.
4. The remaining half dose of N will be applied at 30 days after sowing.


1. Usually rabi jowar is grown as unirrigated crop and hence all the success of rabi Jowar depends on available soil moisture.
2. When Jowar is grown under irrigation watering by flood method is given to the crop at every 15 to 20 days interval except when adequate winter rains occurs.
3. If there is no rainfall at sowing time pre-soaking irrigation is given before sowing.
4. If irrigation facilities are available crop should be irrigated at four critical stages of growth.
i) Grand growth stage : 25-30 days.
ii) Boot stage (Heading stage) : 50-55 days.
iii) Flowering stage: 70-75 days.
iv) Grain filling or Dough stage: 90-100 days after sowing.

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