Maintenance and Manuring of Lawn


Maintenance and Manuring of Lawn

Maintenance of Lawns:

One of the main items of importance is wooding. The most common wood in lawn is Nagarmoth (Cyperus fortundus). Regular weeding will help in checking this wood.

Regular rolling, moving and sweeping should be done; Rolling may be done after each wooding. Moving is another important item of operation, a good machine which will cut at correct height is necessary. The frequency of moving will depend on growth of the grass. Generally, the grass should not be allowed to grow beyond 5-6 cm.

Light irrigation at frequent intervals is preferred to flooding. By use of sprinkler, there is saving of water as well as labour.


One kg of F.Y.M. or compost per Esq. is enough. Bone meal 100 gm per sq. may also be added. Manuring may be done twice an year. Randhawa and Mukhopadhyay (1986) recommended following mixture.
Mixture of 20 kg Compost + 1 kg Ammonium sulphate + 2 kg superphosphate be added to 100 liters of water. This mixture should be allowed to ferment for a few days. The concentrated mixtures should be strained through gunny cloth and applied to lawn twice an year (May-June and Oct.-Nov.) instead of compost, raw cow clung can also be used.

Sometimes, the lawn shows yellow patches, this can be connected by spraying 1% urea solution.

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