Madhya Pradesh CM Ensures Farmers on Crop Loss Relief


Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced on Monday that full compensation would be provided to farmers whose crops had been damaged by floods and pest infestations. We will pay farmers as soon as possible for crop losses covered by insurance and relief. Chouhan examined the crops in Ashoknagar’s village Bajawan, tehsil Mungaoli.

As part of his interaction with farmers, Chouhan said that agricultural losses would be compensated by assistance and insurance. He asked the commissioner and collector to conduct an agricultural damage survey by January 18.

We will take care of the matter together. Don’t worry I’ll get you out of here. If there is a crop loss of over 50%, a relief sum of Rs 30,000 per hectare will be provided. Crop insurance will be made available separately. In addition, short-term crop loans will be transformed into medium-term loans. Chouhan assured farmers that he would provide them with all possible assistance after taking stock of their crops.

The survey work should be done completely truthfully and transparently. In addition to the survey, the list should be posted in the panchayats so that the affected farmers are also aware. Problems can be resolved if any arise. Farmers who have incurred a loss of more than 50% will receive a relief payment of Rs 30,000 per hectare, the chief minister announced.
In crop insurance, if crops are damaged, a 25% advance payment is made, followed by the full 75% amount after crop damage assessment.

About Crop Insurance:
Crop insurance is the insurance of crops. For farmers, this is just as important as any other type of insurance. With all of your effort, money, and almost everything you have, you will also reap a significant harvest. But what if your crop is damaged? Who will be held responsible? Who will compensate you? How will you be helped afterwards? This is important to consider. Right…!!

This is why the government set up a Crop Insurance system years ago and continues to improve it to this day. Despite this, many farmers do not take advantage of Crop Insurance. We will explore why crop insurance is important and how it can benefit you. Government crop insurance schemes include weather-based crop insurance schemes.

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