LPG Cylinder Insurance: Know How To Claim For 50 Lakh Insurance Coverage?


Each and every one of us owns a gas cylinder. Even a nominal mistake might result in a major accident, so it is used with extreme caution. Taking safety precautions when using LPG and knowing what to do in case of an accident are crucial in such a situation. As a consumer, you should also know your rights if an LPG gas cylinder bursts or a gas leak drives a misfortune.

An Insurance Coverage of Up to Rs 50 lakh
Oil companies offer personal accident insurance to customers who purchase LPG, i.e. an LPG connection. If a gas leak or a blast from an LPG cylinder results in a disaster, this insurance provides financial assistance up to Rs 50 lakh. Petroleum companies partner with insurance companies to provide this insurance.

The dealer should inspect the cylinder before delivering it to ensure it is in perfect working order. A loss of life or property caused by an LPG cylinder at a customer’s home is covered by Personal Accident Cover. In case of damage to the customer’s property/house in an accident, the customer can make an insurance claim of up to Rs 2 lakh.
Learn How to Get Claim of 50 Lakh on Gas Cylinder.
According to the official website, myLPG.in, you can file a claim following an accident. On the website, if a consumer receives an LPG connection through the cylinder he receives, and an accident occurs in his home, he is eligible for coverage of up to Rs 50 lakh.

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