Loss of Water From Soil


Loss of Water From Soil

Water is lost from soil in four ways:

1. Surface run off.
2. Downward movement of drainage.
3. Evaporation from soil surface.
4. Transpiration through leaves of plants.

Out of this loss of water through run off is the largest and is also the most damaging as it causes erosion main factor in conserving moisture relates to increasing infiltration and storage capacity of soil and reducing run off and evaporation. Uncontrolled water is the main cause of soil erosion. Almost all methods that deal with soil conservation are in principle the methods to control and conserve water. Soil and water conservation are, therefore, dealt together, Sufficient studies on all phases of hydrologic cycle such as evaporation, precipitation, run off, infiltration and deep percolation which occur simultaneously have not been carried out in India as yet, though 2 beginning has been made at many agricultural research stations.

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