Limiting on Soils


Limiting on Soils

Effect of Limiting on Soils:

1. Rise in soil PH.
2. Reduces excess soluble Fe and Mn by causing them to form insoluble hydroxides.
3. Two nutrients needed in many acid soils viz. calcium and magnesium. If so addition of dolomitic (containing both Ca and Mg carbonates) is good rather than calcic lime ( Only CaCO3).
4. Increase the availability of phosphorous.
5. Lime makes potassium more efficient in plant nutrition.
6. Liming increases the availability of nitrogen by hastening the decomposition of organic matter.
7. Lime on acid soils increase available molybdenum.

Common Limiting Materials:

1. Calcia lime stone (CaCO3)
2. Dolomite lime stone (Ca.Mg (CO3)2)
3. Quick lime (CaO)
4. Hydrated (Slaked lime) (Ca (OH)2
5. Marl (CaCl3)
6. Chalk (CaCO3) soft lime stone.

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