Limitations of Rural Sociology


Limitations of Rural Sociology

1. Lack of Objectivity:

 It is not possible to have objectivity in the study of rural sociology as in case of natural science. While in the study of rural sociology and its problems the investigator continues to remain as a part of the society he is studying. He has own ideas and are influenced by the subject matter.

2. Lack of Laboratory:

Rural sociology is not studied in laborites as a natural science. Because of this it is not possible to verify and test the theory and principles of rural sociology.

3. Lack of Measurement:

 There is no definite and standard measurement for measuring units of rural sociology.

4. Lack of Exactness:

It is lack of objectivity and different to follow its laws and principles universally. They are not acceptable at every point.

5. Lack of Prediction:

Because of lacks objectivity and exactness the principles formulated by the rural sociology are not always correct. As such predictions are not possible.

6. It is not possible to draw a line between the rural and urban areas. There is no sharp demarcation to tell where rural area ends and urban area begins.

7. The science of rural sociology is not fully developed.

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