Intercultural Operations in Sugarcane Cultivation


Intercultural Operations in Sugarcane Cultivation

Intercultural operations followed in sugarcane are:
1. Gap filling
2. Weeding
3. Hoeing
4. Tagarni
5. Earthing up
6. Detrashing
7. Propping or Tieing of cane.


Two to five handweedings are given at 20 days interval depending upon the intensity of weeds in case of short furrow and serpentine furrow method. One pre emergence spraying of weedicides like Atrazin or 2, 4-D @ 5 kg./ha. in 1025 liters of water may be give to kill broad leaved weeds.


Two tine hoes are worked in the furrows to stir the soil and to remove weeds in long furrow and contour furrow layout. Such 3 to 4 hoeings are given at one month interval.


Tagarni, a partial hilling up of soil against crop rows is done when the cane crop starts rapid growth at the age of 3 – 4 months. It is done twice at an interval of one month for loosening the soil and pruning nonfunctional roots.

Earthing Up:

Breaking or ridges and converting them into furrows and furrows into ridges are called as earthing up in sugarcane. This operation is done when the crop is 5 to 5.5 months old and 2 to 3 internodes are visible. It is done to support the plants with soil and avoid the direct contact of water of plants.


Removal of some of the older leaves from cane crop is known as detrashing it is done to avoid attack of insect pests. Detrashed leaves are used for cattle feeding or mulching.

Propping or Tieing of Cane Plants:

The tieing of cane plants to prevent lodging is known as propping. Some canes of two adjacent rows are brought together and tied by sugarcane leaves rope. It also helps in applying irrigation in a better way.

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