Integrated Rural Development Programme (I R D P) 


Integrated Rural Development Programme (I R D P)     

IRDP launched on October 2nd. 1980 all over the Country and accordingly all the 15 Blocks of Boudh- Kandhamal district have been covered under the Scheme. Since then, prior the   above period, IRDP was in operation in 8 blocks of the district since 1978-79.  The I.R.D.P. continues to be a major poverty alleviation programme in the field of Rural Development.  The objective of I.R.D.P. is to enable identified rural poor families to cross the poverty line by providing productive assets and inputs to the target groups.  The assets which could be in primary, secondary or tertiary sector are provided through financial assistance in the form of subsidy by the Govt. and term credit advanced by financial institutions.  The programme is implemented in all the blocks in the country as a centrally sponsored scheme funded on 50:50 basis by the Centre and State.  The Scheme is merged with another scheme named S.G.S.Y. since 01.04.1999.


1. In the integrated rural development, the village has been treated as a homogeneous concept and as a unit of development which is not there.  Thus there is a serious problem of uneconomic and non-viable villages or rural settlements that can form a more economically efficient base for integrated rural development.

2. No attempt was made to consider the policy of distribution of land or for more equitable distribution pattern and revitalizing the possessing of other productive assets in the rural areas by limiting size of individuals units.

3. Inability of science and technology to solve, by itself, the problem of rural poverty.

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