Institution Village Linkage Programme (I V L P) (1995-96)


Institution Village Linkage Programme (I V L P) (1995-96)

It is an innovative programme initiated by the Indian council of Agricultural Research (ICRA) on a pilot basis form 1995-96 which was later brought under World Bank funded National Agricultural Technology project (NATP) since 1999.  It is different form the earlier first line extension efforts of ICAR, in sense that it lays emphasis on the research aspect through the participation of farmers to be carried out by the multidisciplinary team of scientists, Moreover, IVLP is a production system oriented project with agro-ecosystem analysis of the adopted villages as the basis of identify problems, priorities them and final out technological intervention point which are further developed into action plants to overcome the problems through assessment and refinement of technologies.


The significance of client oriented projects received higher attention among had policy makers, which led to the concept, Technology Assessment and Refinement through IVLP. The specific objectives of Technology Assessment and Refinement programme are as under:

1. To introduce technological interventions with emphasis on stability and sustainability along with productivity of small farm production system.

2. To introduce and integrate the appropriate technologies to sustain technological interventions and their integration to maintain productivity and profitability taking environmental issues into consideration in a comparatively well defined farm production systems.

3. To introduce and integrate the appropriate technologies to increase the agricultural productivity with marketable surplus in commercial on and off farm production system.

4. To facilitate adoption of appropriate post-harvest technologies for conservation and on-farm value addition of agricultural products, by products and wastes for greater economic dividend and national priorities.

5. To facilitate adoption of appropriate technologies for removal of drudgery increased efficiency and higher income of farm women.

6. To monitor socio-economic impact of the technology intervention for different farm production system.

7. To identify extrapolation domains for new technology modules based on environmental characterization at meso and mega level.

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