Insect Orders: Neuroptera


Insect Orders: Neuroptera

Order: Neuroptera

Neuron – a nerve, pteron = wing
e.g. Ant lion, Alder fly, Snake fly, Lace wings etc.

Economic Importance:

Insects are predacious – beneficial insects


1. Small to rather large, soft bodied insects with elongate antennae.
2. Mouth parts adopted for biting, ligula undivided or bilobed or often atrophied (reduced).
3. Two pairs of very similar, membranous wings generally disposed in a roof like manner over abdomen when at rest.
4. Wing venation primitive with many accessory veins. Rs- Often pectinately branched.
5. Abdomen without cerci.
6. Larvae carnivorous of a modified campodeiform type with biting or suctorial mouth parts.
7. Pupae exarate, Decticous.

Family – Chrysopidae e.g. Lace wings (aphid lion/Chrysopa)

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