Improved Varieties of Brinjal


Improved Varieties of Brinjal

Improved Varieties:

Manjari gota, Pusa purple round, Pusa purple long, Pusa purple Cluster, Pusa kranti, Pragati, Aruna, ABV-1, ABH-1. Local: Dorala, Bhatai, Hingana Dorala, Gulabi Dorala.

Brinjal (Solanum melongena):

1. Krishna:

Krishna is a Fuji hybrid released in 1991 by MPKV Rahuri for Western Maharashtra. Plants tall, hardy and resistant to lodging. Egg-shaped, spiny, purple coloured fruits with white stripes borne mostly singly or occasionally in pairs. Good colour retention. Good acceptance in the home market. Average yield is 480 quintals per hectare.
(MPKV, Rahuri).

2. Manjari Gota:

Developed by selection from a local germplasm collected from village Manjari near Pune and released by the Department of Agriculture, in 1965 for Western Maharashtra, Plants are medium tall and spreading, spines on leaves, mid­ribs and peduncle the fruits. Fruits are round purple -with white stripes. Average yield is 250 quintals per hectare. (MP.K.V. Rahuri).

3. Pragati:

Developed by selection from a cross Vaishali x Manjari Gota and released in 1988. It is an improved version of Valsbali. Plants are hardy and resistant to lodging, egg shaped purple fruits with-white stripes bome in clusters with spines on pedicel. Duration is 180^-1 90 days. Average yield is 350 quintals per hectare.
(M.P.K.V, Rahuri)

4. Vaishali:

Developed by selection from a cross Manjari Gota x Arka Kusumakar and released in 1985. Plants are medium and spreading. Fruits oblong purple with1 white stripes. Fruits are borne in clusters (3"-4). Average yield is 350 quintals per hectare. (MPKV, Rahuri).

5. Anuradha:

It gives about 10 per cent higher yield than Manjari Gota. It has shining and attractive fruit colour (purple and white stripes). Fruits are bome in cluster with spines on fruits, leaves and stem. (MAU, Parbliani).

6. ABV-I:

This variety is released by MAU, Parbhani in 1985. It has become popular with the cultivators of Marathwada It has erect plant habits with faint purple stem colour and dark green leaves. Fruits are small round (50 g/fruit) with green purple stripes and spines on the calyx. Average yield is 250 quintals per hectare.(MAU, Parbhani)

7. Aruna:

Notified during the year 1985-86. Plants are medium in height; fruits are oval in shape and violet in colour. Days to first harvest are 90 – 95. Yield is 3GO-385 quintals per hectare during kharif season. 200-225 quintals per hectare during summer season.
(PKV, Akola).

8. PhuleHarit:

Developed by employing pure line selection. 3t is good for kharif season. Average weight is 190 g. Fruit length is 16.2-cm. Fruit colour is green with white stripes at the tip, fruit surface is smooth. It produces 25 fruits per plant. Average yield is 330 quintals per hectare. Number of pickings are 18. Duration is 180 days.(MPKV Rahuri).

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