Important Pests and Diseases of Safflower


Important Pests and Diseases of Safflower

A) Important Pests of Safflower:

a) Safflower Fly:

N. D:

1. The maggots of fly feed upon the essential organs of the florets.
2. Some times it bore into the thalamus.

C. M:

1. The affected plants are collected and destroyed.
2. Spraying of 0.07% endosulfan or 0.05% Malathion.

b) Safflower Leaf Eating Caterpillar:

N. D:

1. Caterpillar feed on leaves and defoliate the plats.
2. It also damages the tender capsules.

C. M:

1. Collect and destroy the caterpillars.
2. Dusting of 10% carbaryl @ 20 kg/ha. or spraying of 0.05% endosulfan.

c) Safflower Aphids:


1. It is serious pest of safflower.
2. Nymphs and adults suck the cell sap from the leaves and stem which results in stunted plant growth and low yield.

C. M:

1. Spraying of 0.03% dimethoate or 0.02% thiometon for two times at 15 days interval.
2. Dusting of 10% carbaryl or 4% endosulfan @ 20 kg/ha.
3. Timely sowing of safflower.

B) Imp. Diseases of Safflower:

a) Rust of Safflower:


1. Small brown pustules of rust are found on cotyledons in seedling stage which may cause wilting of plants.
2. Latter phase the disease appear on leaves, flowers and capsules etc.

C. M:

1. Treat the seed with thiram @ 3 g/kg or captan 2.5 g/kg seed.
2. Grow resistant varieties.
3. Spray 0.3% dithane M-45 at 15 days interval for 3 to 4 times.

b) Bacterial Blight:

 Dark water soaked lesions appear on stems and leaf petioles.


Spray streptocyclin 500 ppm of 2 to 3 times.


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