Important Contribution of Indian Psychopathologist


Important Contribution of Indian Psychopathologist

E.J Butler:

Imperical Mycologist at IARI, New Delhi since 1905 to 1921 and trained many workers in Mycological and Plant Pathological Research. He wrote a Book- “Fungi and Disease in Plants” in 1918. Appointed as first Director of CWMI – in Britain. He is called as the “Father of Modern Plant Pathology in India.

K.C.Mehta (1892-1950):

Physiology and Epidemiology of cereals rusts in country. Monograph on further studies on cereals rusts in India, in 1940.

B.B.Mundkar (1896-1892) :

Worked on cotton wilt in Bombay state, published ustilaginales in India. Pioneer in establishment of Indian Psychopathological Society ( IPS) in 1947 and its organs Indian Phytopathology in 1948. He worked on Smut Fungi. Author of Fungi and plant diseases.

J.F Dastur:

Anthracnose of cotton. Cotton wilt, pink disease of citrus , foot rot of betelvine. He published 36 original papers of 4 books.

B.N. Uppal:

He worked on Downey mildew of Maize, Bajara and showed physiologic specialization in Sclerospora graminicola. He worked on several fungal and bacterial diseases.  

G.S. Kulkarni:

Downey mildew of Sorghum and Pearl millet, sorghum Smut.


Bacterial diseases of plant.

M.J. Tirmalachar:

500 research papers, 20 genara and 300 species of fungi. He discovered antibiotic Aureofungin.


Nematode, bacterial and other diseases. Published 5 books of micro biology and plant pathology and over 300 research papers.


Bacterial disease of plant.

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