Importance of Rural Sociology in India


Importance of Rural Sociology in India

India is predominantly an agricultural and rural Country from ancient times. Village is the basic and important unit in the organization of Indian Society. After independence the process of reconstruction of the country has been started and the importance of rural sociology was recognized. If India is to achieve the progress, the villages are to be improved and education has to be spread in these villages. In order to this every attempt is being made to improve the villages of this country in community development programme. This object can be achieved only when the administrators and planners have the correct knowledge of the rural life.

The importance of the Study of Rural Society in India can be Evaluated Under the Following Heads:

1. The village is the basic source of Indian culture. India lives in villages.The birth and development of its culture took place from the villages. India’s progress is based on the progress of villages. Thus it is necessary to develop the villages.

2. India is an agricultural country and poverty of this country can only be removed when the agriculture is improved.

3. Solution of rural problems can bring about change in rural society.

4. The country and its society can be reconstructed only through rural reconstruction.

5. In the interest of democratic decentralization, village community is to be studied in a totality.

6. Rural sociology can helps in organizing the disorganized Indian rural structure.

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