Importance of Artificial Seeds


Importance of Artificial Seeds

1. We have to wait upto end of reproductive phase for obtaining true seeds. But artificial seeds are available within at least one month.

2. The production of true seed is season bound at particular seasons of a year. But production of artificial seed is not time or seasonal bound.

3. Life cycle of plant could be shortened in case of plant where dormancy of seed is prolonged.

4. Artificial seeds will be applicable for large scale monoculture as well as mixed genotype plantation.

5. It gives the protection of meiotically unstable, elite genotype.

6. Artificial seed coating also has the potential to hold and deliver beneficial adjuvant such as growth promoting rhizobacteria, plant nutrients and growth control agents, and pesticides for precase placement.

7. Artificial seeds help to study the role of endosperm and seed coat formation.

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