Importance, Area and Production of Aromatic Crops


Importance, Area and Production of Aromatic Crops

Importance of Aromatic Plants:
Aromatic plants are from a numerically large group of economically important plants. These are increasing demand for essential oils, aroma chemicals drugs and pharmaceuticals in the world market since two decades. Aromatic compounds are present in plants i.e. in root, wood, bark, foliage, flower, fruit, seed etc.
1. Aromatic plants produce essential oils, perfumes and flavours are in use with our civilization since several thousand years.
2. Due to Vast area and varied agro-climatic condition, it can be commercial cultivated in different part of India successfully.
3. Essential oils and aroma chemicals are indispensable in various human activities.
4. They are adjuncts of cosmetics, soaps, pharmaceutical preparation, perfumer confectionery, ice-cream, aerated waters, disinfectants, agarbatti etc.
5. Some of the important aromatic plants like Lemon grass, Citronella, Palmarose, Vetiver, Geranium, Lavender, Dawana etc. have great demand in our country.

Area and Production of Aromatic Crops:

The area and production is more in Rajasthan (19800.2 ha and 94000.1 MT), Uttar Pradesh (133000.7 ha and 13000.4 MT). Similarly, though the area is less in Madhya Pradesh (19000.6 ha) but the production is highest (17000.6 MT).  

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