Importance and Uses of Orchid


Importance and Uses of Orchid

Orchids with their bewildering range of flowers and beautiful colour combinations provide a source of profound aesthetic pleasure to both owners and visitors.  The striking resemblances of their flowers to various forms of animal life behold the attention of everyone who looks at them.

A Brassia spike suggests a small collection of large and colourful spiders.  The flowers of Phalaenopsis sp. Producing white or pink blossoms look like moths while those of Oncidium palilo and O.  Kramerianum resemble gorgeous tropical butterflies.

Orchids are excellent item in gardens, grown in garden, beds, pots, baskets, best for indoor. Flowers have more vase life.  Very excellent cut flowers.  On plot it remains good for 1-3 months. 

Orchids are used as food in Indonesia.  It has got medicinal value.

Orchid Flower: Orchid flowers have 3 sepals, 3 petals and gynostemium a reproductive part.

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