Importance and Scope of Floriculture Gardening


Importance and Scope of Floriculture Gardening


Flowers have been considered as the symbol of grace and elegance and a feast for our eyes. They are used on all religious festival occasions. Flowers are given as a birthday presents, wedding gifts or while meeting sick people and even at funerals. Most Hindu ladies adhere their; hair style with flowers i.e. Gajara and Veni and it is one of the important floral ornament which will and grace to their beauty. All the people irrespective of their origin, race, sex and cadre love flowers.

Generally flowers are offered by devotees in Temple, Gurudwara, Church and Masjids- Flowers are used as a floral decoration. Even dried flowers are also used in flower craft or arrangement of garlands and bouquets are prepared and offered to welcome the dignitaries. When cut flowers are used for vase decoration, that will be a marvelous piece of indoor decoration.

Importance of flowers is not restricted upio the beautification, decoration or preparation of Gajra, Garland, Veni or Bouquets but afso have the industrial importance too. Some flowers like Rose, Jasmines, Tuberose, Kevda, Bakul are used for extraction of essential oils which is base for preparation of perfumes, scents or attar. From rose Gulkand, Rose water etc. products are also prepared.

Scope :

There is a good scope for commercial floriculture. The important factors which decide the scope for Commercial Floriculture are Soil, Climate, labour. Transport and Market.

All most all big cities are developing very speedily to accommodate this fast growing population, cement concrete, jungle is aJso developing at the some rate and thus peoples are now realizing the importance of open space, parks and garden for relaxation, peace of mind, recreation and unpolluted air. Thus, to meet out all these problems bio-aesthetic planning is essential, which runs hand in hand with town planning.

In modem life floriculture garden in the country yard is an integral part of the modern life and thus ornamental plants has find a pride of place in home gardening.

As far as flower trade is concerned i.e. for cut flowers and loose flowers, it is growing very well in our state because these cut flowers are used for vase decoration and now-a-days there is a craze for indoor decoration. As far as loose flowers are concerned these are mainly used for preparation of gajara, veni, garland and bouquets and thus demand of flowers for these purpose is unending.

Thus, taking into consideration the different points i.e. bio-aesthetic planning, floral garden, indoor decoration, social functions and religious functions the demand for floricultural plants is increasing day by day and to meet out the same there is a good scope for growing and raising of Ornamental or Floricultural plants. When Flower Trade is concerned; different flowers like Rose, Chrysanthemum, Gladiolus, Tuberose are demanded in the market as cut flowers. While Aster, Gaillardia, Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Jasmines, Tager^ Nerium as loose flowers.

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