Importance and Scope of Extension Education


Importance and Scope of Extension Education

Importance of Extension Education:

1. Extension uses democratic methods in educating the farmers.
2. Extension helps in adoption of innovations.
3. Extension helps in studying and solving the rural problems.
4. Extension increases farm yields and improve the standard of living of farmers.
5. Extension makes good communities better and progressive.
6. Extension contributes to national development programmers.

Scope of Extension Education:

It includes all activities of rural development. So extension programmers should be dynamic and flexible. The areas indicating scope of Extension are listed below:

1. Increasing efficiency in agricultural production.
2. Increasing efficiency in marketing, distribution and utilization of agricultural inputs and outputs.
3. Conservation, development and use of natural resources.
4. Proper farm and home management.
5. Better family living.
6. Youth development
7. Leadership development.
8. Community and rural development.
9. Improving public affairs for all round development.

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