Governor Calls for Research to Increase Olive Farming in Peshawar, Pakistan

Governor Ghulam Ali inaugurated the Olive Festival at the Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab Farm Peshawar on Saturday, calling for more research to boost olive farming.


On Friday, the Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) Tarnab in Peshawar hosted an Olive Gala to highlight the potential of Pakistan’s olive industry. The event was organized under the auspices of the Italian-funded project ‘Olive Culture-Holistic and Multi-Professional Mechanism for a Pakistani Olive Oil Value Chain’ and ‘Promotion of Olive Cultivation on Commercial Scale in Pakistan’.

Governor checked out the festival’s stalls. During his visit to the festival, the governor announced the provision of an olive oil machine to farmers in the southern districts in order to ensure olive oil export.

Ghulam Ali, speaking on the occasion, advocated for more research to boost olive farming. He stated that the production and export of olive oil would increase the country’s foreign exchange and improve farmers’ economic conditions, in addition to creating job opportunities.
According to the governor, there is an urgent need for research in all agricultural sectors in the province, including olive. He also praised the Olive Gala held at the Agricultural Research Institute Tarnab Farm in Peshawar.

Ghulam Ali stated that research would aid in the promotion of olive cultivation in the province, and that universities should play a role in this sector’s growth. He claimed that our country spent 3.5 billion dollars in foreign exchange on palm oil imports.

The governor stated that if our farmers, students, and the Department of Agriculture played their roles, the country would be able to save a lot of money because our people would be able to use olive oil. The governor then presented shields to the secretary of agriculture and other officials at the end of the ceremony.

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