Harvesting and Yield of Tobacco


Harvesting and Yield of Tobacco


1. Tobacco crop begins to mature 5 to 8 weeks after topping.
2. Signs of maturity of leaves differ according to type of tobacco.
i) In case of cigarette type leaves turn yellow, slightly droop down and become gummy and stiffer.
ii) In case of bidi type brown coloured spots (spangles) are formed on leaves.
ii) In case of hookah type mottling of leaves take place.
3. Harvesting of tobacco can be done leafwise or by cutting whole plant  at ground level.
4. Leafwise harvesting is called as priming in which 2 to 4 fairly matured.
5. Harvesting is completed in 3 to 4 primings at weekly interval.
6. After priming the leaves are partially dried in the field and tied into bunches and carried for curing.
7. Cigarette and hookah tobacco is harvested by priming.
8. Bidi tobacco matures within 4 to 4.5 months after planting and harvested either leafwise or by cutting plants at ground level.
9. Cigar and cheroot tobacco is ready for harvest within 3 to 3.5 months and harvested by cutting matured plants at ground level.
10. Leafwise harvesting gives better quality leaves than cutting whole plant.


1. Average yield of tobacco is Maharashtra is 552 kg leaves/ha.
2. Average yield of tobacco in India is 1060 kg leaves/ha.

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