Harvesting and Yield of Sugarcane


Harvesting and Yield of Sugarcane

1. Sugarcane crop should be harvested at right stage of maturity because both early and delayed harvesting results in loss of quality and quantity of the final product.
2. Irrigation is withheld for about 10 to 15 days before harvesting.
3. The cane is harvested by giving slanting cut at ground level by cane cutting knife.
4. It is done slightly deeper if ratoon is not to be kept.
5. The cane is then stripped off dry leaves and roots.
6. The immature top potion is cut off along with 2 to 3 internodes.
7. Small bundles of canes are made with the help of leave rope and transported at crusher.
8. It should be crushed within 24 hours after harvesting to avoid reversion of sucrose into glucose.


1. Av. Yield of suru cane                  – 100 tons/ha.
2. Av. Yield of preseasonal cane        – 120 tons/ha.
3. Av. Yield of adsali cane                – 150 tons/ha.

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