Harvesting and Yield of Linseed Cultivation


Harvesting and Yield of Linseed Cultivation


1. Linseed crop matures within 100 days after sowing.
2. Harvesting is done when plant turn golden yellow and the capsules turn brownish and begins to dry up and open.
3. The crop is harvested by pulling or cutting the plants at base.
4. The plants are stacked on the threshing floor to dry.
5. When most of the capsules are opened, threshing is done by beating with a stick or by trampling under the feet of bullocks.
6. Winnowing is done to clean the grain from chaff.
7. For fiber it is harvested at capsule maturity when the crop is still green.


1. Av. Yield of rainfed crop   –           300 to 500 kg/ha
2. Av. Yield of irrigated crop –           800 to 1000 kg/ha
3. Av. Yield of fiber               –           400 to 600 kg cordage/ha

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