Harvesting and Yield of Chilli


Harvesting and Yield of Chilli


1. Time of chilli harvesting depends upon the purpose and is done by picking the fruits.
2. Picking of green chillies starts from 90 days after transplanting.
3. Only green coloured fully developed chilies are picked at 10 days interval.
4. Fresh chillies are packed and sent to market immediately.
5. Picking continues up to three months.
6. Picking of red chillies starts 105 days after transplanting.
7. It is done at 10 to 15 days interval for 3 to 4 times in case of rainfed crop and for 5 to 6 times in irrigated crop.
8. The fruits are picked along with stalk.


1. Average yield green chillies – 80 to 100 qt/ha.
2. Average yield of dry red chillies –
i) Rainfed – 5 to 6 qt/ha.
ii) Irrigated – 15 to 20 qt/ha.
3. The recovery of dry chillies is 25 to 30% of the fresh weight.

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