Harvesting and Yield in Mustard Cultivation


Harvesting and Yield in Mustard Cultivation


1. The mustard matures in about 100 to 140 days and toria matures within 75 to 100 days.
2. Harvesting is carried out as soon as the pods begins to turn yellow and seed become hard.
3. Harvesting is done in the morning hours to avoid shattering of seed.
4. The crop is cut close to the ground with the help of sickle.
5. They are tied into bundles and stacked in sun for 4 to 5 days to dry.
6. Threshing is done by beating the plants with stick or mogri.
7. Winnowing is done to separate the grain form husk.


1. Av. Yield of mustard is about – 350 kg/ha.
2. Under good conditions –
i) Yield of mustard is about    –          1000 to 1200 kg/ha.
ii) Yield of toria is about        –          450 to 650 kg/ha.
iii) Yield of sarson is about     –           800 to 1000 kg/ha.

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