Goat Milk Sold for Rs 500/ltr, Stay Away from Unscientific Claims that it Cures Dengue


Dengue fever has killed over 50 people in Punjab, the highest death toll ever reported in the state. It’s the highest death toll in the province ever.

All kinds of unscientific remedies are being offered to the patients, including goat milk, papaya leaves, giloy juice, and kiwi fruit. The above examples are being marketed as a magic cure for boosting platelet count.

Goat farmers and traders are taking advantage of the situation by selling goat milk at a price of Rs 500 per litre, when it was previously sold at Rs 40 per litre.

Gurujit Singh, a farmer from Burj Hari village in Mansa, said that goat milk normally sells for around Rs 50 per litre, but these days, people are willing to pay Rs 250 for the same quantity.

Charan Singh, a farmer from Sondhewal village in Patiala, said “the demand was huge and they were getting a minimum of Rs 100 per litre”.

A businessman from Mohali, Varun Sharma, launched his own brand of packaged goat milk called ‘Bakriwala’, which sells for 150 rupees for a 300-ml bottle. Several months ago, I had launched the product as a healthy milk alternative. In the past few months, the demand for the product has increased 50-fold. We did not intend to sell it as a fever remedy as goat milk has not been scientifically proven to help treat dengue.”

“Science does not support the claim that goat milk can help against dengue,” said Dr. Ranvir Sharma, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry.

There is no scientific evidence supporting the idea that goat milk can increase platelets in patients suffering from dengue and other viral diseases. These misconceptions are spread by quakes. Consult a doctor if you experience dengue-like symptoms and take the prescribed medicines. The protection from mosquito bites will help”, said A K Singh, Additional Director (Health).


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