Genetic Variation within Clones


Genetic Variation within Clones

Genetic variation within clones may arise due to –

a) Mutation:

Somatic mutations are also known as bud mutations. The frequency of mutations is generally very slow. Ordinarily, only dominant mutations would be expressed in the somatic tissues, because recessive mutations can be expressed only in the homozygous condition. Dominant bud mutation expressed them self more frequency than the recessive. Bud mutations make possible the selection of bud to establish new desirable clones, the posses being known as bud selection. Bud selection is of important in improvement of perennial crops like fruit trees.

b) Mechanical Mixture: 

Mechanical mixture produces genetic variation within a clone.

c) Sexual Reproduction:

Sexual reproduction would leads to segregation and recombination. The seedling obtained from sexual reproduction would therefore, be genotypically different from the asexual progeny of the clones.

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