General Nature of Learning


General Nature of Learning

Learning is a modification of behavior through experience and training. So it is a growth and development process.

The need arises, goal is set-up, adjustment begins, and behavioral charges take place and stabilize. This whole process is called as learning.

Learning involves problems solving i.e. understanding and discovering relations between different contents in a situation. Learning and activity aroused by the personal and social demands. Why should one learn? Because it is the demand of individual. Individual leans many things i.e. desirable and undesirable also. But aim of education is to bring about desirable changes in the behavior of an individual and to eliminate the undesirable changes. Thus learning is the process of improvement.

Learning is a change in behavior. Learning is a reconstruction, combined thinking, skill, information and appropriation in single unity process and it is characterized by flexibility.

Learning consists of the ways in which we modify our responses to those stimulus that upset us but there is not a response to every organic state of the organism. The process by which we come to make the responses, which will overcome the threatening stimuli, is called as learning

Learning is concept of describing changes in the behavior which result from practice.

There are three Phases of Learning:

a) Practice or learning itself.

b) A time delay.

c) Performance test of what was learned.

Learning can never be observed directly. Changes in the performance of some bit of behavior are the indication of learning. Sometimes changes in the behavior are also observed due to motivation, adaptation and fatigue.

Learning is certainly a universal experience. Every one learns at every stage in his life. In facts you must learn to talk, to dress and feed themselves. Adolescents must learn acceptable social habits of the community. Adults must learn how to perform their job and how to meet the responsibility of their family life. Our daily life is the succession of major and minor problems that have to be solved by learning.

To learn means to discover or invent, to commit to memory and become efficient.


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