Functions of Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society


Functions of Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society

The multipurpose co-operative society has large number of functions to discharge. As the name indicates its responsibility for different purpose for which it has been set up. It can work for arranging credit, improved seeds, agricultural implements, fertilizers, sanitation, health etc. for its members. Normally it discharges the following functions.

1. Making Arrangement for Credit:

The main task of these co-operative societies is to arrange for short term credit for its members in order to help them to improve their agriculture and other trade and business.

2. Encouraging the Improved Method of Agriculture:

These societies arrange supply of to the members seeds, fertilizers, agriculture implements etc. They also arrange for irrigation facilities so that the members may be able to have higher agricultural yields.

3. Marketing and Business:

These societies not only help the farmers to improve their agriculture but also help them for marketing of the goods. Through such facilities they get proper price for the agricultural products and other goods produced by its members.

4. Set up of Subsidiary Cottage and Small Scale Industries:

These societies help their members to set up other trades and industries. Though these cottage industries and small-scale industries, the economic condition of the members is improved and they are able to improve their standard of living.

5. Helping Members to Increase Their Standard of Living:

These co-operative societies by providing various types of facilities for their members, improve their standard of living. They also carry out the programme of health, education and social education. They make arrangements for health and economic facilities, education and recreation for their members.

6. Encouraging the Member for Saving:

These societies act as saving agencies and encourage their members to save a part of their income for their future needs. Through these savings, the members of such co-operative societies are able to get loans and also solve their problems.

7. Other Functions:

The multi-purpose Co-operative societies apart from these functions discharge the following functions:

a) Purchase various things for their members at a reasonable price and supply them.

b) In order to convert the un-economic holding into economic these societies take a consolidation of holdings and co-operative farming.

c) Try to solve the disputes between members through arbitration and adjudication.

Thus multi-operative society discharge large number of functions for their members. The functions depend upon the interest and the object of the members. If the members are anxious to do more things, the multi-purpose co-operative societies can take to other function also.


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