Functions of Gram Panchayat


Functions of Gram Panchayat

a. Representative Functions:

The Sarpanch, Members and Gram Sevak represent the voice and opinion of the village people on behalf of the Gram Panchayat to the Taluka and Zilla level by attending the meetings or sending the official records.

b. Regulatory and Administrative Functions:

1. This institute solving the disputes of village people as individual or groups.
2. They control the behavior of people of people. Collect their opinion about various programmes.
3. Gram Panchayat implements the official programme given by the authorities.
4. Conduct regular meetings and keeps records for various departments.
5. The measures are enforced for the desired safety and sanitation of the village people.

c. Service or Development Functions:

1. Collection of taxes like house etc.
2. Promotion of educational, health, agriculture and communication facilities.
3. Providing health and drinking water facilities whenever the village people need.
4. Produce authentic documents regarding birth, death or property details of village people.
5. Looks after general welfare and immediate development of village e.g. road, fight, bazaar, community facilities etc.


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