Functions of Culture


Functions of Culture

1. Culture provides us with design for living. It is always learned and acquired.

2. Culture provides a series of pattern by which biological and socio-cultural demands of group members are met e.g. food, shelter, and reproduction and relationship with group and individuals.

3. Culture provides a set of rules to ensure co-operation of the individuals of a group  in adjusting environmental situation.

4. Culture provides individual a set of ready-made definition of situation.

5. Culture helps in understanding and predicting the human behavior and also it provides channels of interaction for individuals within the group.

6. Culture provides us a guidepost or kind of map for all our life activities. It defines the pattern of behavior for individuals so that he acts according to the behavior pattern prescribed and defined by culture.

7. Culture acts as a means of social control through norms, folkway, and moves laws.

Thus culture functions to deeply influence control and direct behavior and life of the individual and of group. All these functions are controlled through norms or rules made in society. These norms may be governed by sanctions or punishment, so the study of norms, mores, folkways, laws etc. is necessary for knowing the culture of       society.

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