Foundation Seed and Registered Seed


Foundation Seed and Registered Seed

Foundation Seed:

It is the progeny of breeder seed and can be produced in two stages viz. Stage I and Stage II. Foundation seed is produced on the farms of State Agril. Universities, Taluka Seeds Farms, other Govt. farms, State Seeds Corporations and Private seed companies. Foundation seed plots are required to be registered for certification with state seed certification agency. They are jointly inspected by a team consisting of Divisional Seed Certification Officer, concerned crop breeder and District Seed Certification Officer when foundation seed meets minimum seed certification standards including field tests. It is certified as foundation seed and after processing and testing of seed completed bags are tagged with white coloured tag and label together and sealed the bag by using lead seal size of foundation tag is 15 X 7.5

Registered Seed:

It is progeny of foundation seed produced by progressive formers or registered seed growers according to technical advice and supervision provided by NSC. It is inspected by representative of seed certification agencies from DSCO office. The registered seed is genetically pure. It is labeled with purple colour tag.

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