Forest Types in India


Forest Types in India

The better defined and more stable units of forest vegetation are referred to as Forest Types or Unit of vegetation which possesses characteristics in physiognomy and structure to permit its differentiation from such other units is called as Forest types.

 Champion and Seth have Differentiated 16 Climatic Forest types are as below

1) Tropical wet ever green forests
2) Tropical Semi ever green
3) Tropical Moist deciduous
4) Tropical- Literal and swamp
5) Tropical Dry deciduous
6) Tropical Thom Forest
7) Tropical Dry evergreen
8) Sub T. Broad leaved will F
9) Sub Tropical Pine Forest
10) Sub Tropical Dry evergreen
11) Montane wet temperate
12) Himalayan moist temperate
13) Himalayan Dry temperate
14) Subalpiue
15) Moist subalpiue
16) Dry subalpiue

Natural Ecosystems: Forest types are called as Natural ecosystems.

Artificial Ecosystems: These are created by introducing of species -through plantation. Teak, Nilgiri, Poplar

Exotics: The forest tree species brought in to country, from their natural habitat (foreign country) Eucalyptus, Cashew nut, Australian, Babul, Silver oak, Pines, and Poplar

Indotic: Plant species having Indian origin, Neem, Babul.

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