Female Reproductive System of Cockroach / Grasshopper


Female Reproductive System of Cockroach / Grasshopper

Sexual Dimorphism in Cockroach:

Female Cockroach: Antennae are shorter than body and third segment longer than second. Mesosternum completely divided and seventh sternum is visible. Abdomen is generally broad (boat shaped) and seventh sternum divided by a opening of genital pouch. Anal styles are absent.

The Female Reproductive Organs:

i. Ovaries: These are a pair of gonads; each is termed as ovary which yellowish in colour, and lies on either side of median line embedded in the fat body in 4th to 6th abdominal segments. Each ovary consists of eight faintly yellowish ovarioles.

ii. Ovariole: it is an elongated egg-tube in which the developing ova are arranged in a linear row in order of development. Each ovariole has a thread like apical prolongation, the terminal filament. The terminal filaments of all the ovarioles unite and form a common thread. The common thread of one ovary unites with the one from the opposite ovary and forms a median ligament.

iii. Oviducts: These are a pair of short but wide ducts; each arises from an ovary and extends backwards.

iv. Common Oviduct: The lateral oviducts unite below the hind gut and form a common duct which opens into the genital chamber by a vertical slit, the female gonophores.

v. Spermatheca: It is a sac or pouch like structure, made up of two slender, spirally coiled tubules of unequal size united to form a short stalk which opens into the dorsal wall of vagina. Its function is to receive and store spermatozoa.

vi. Colleterial glands: These are two, asymmetrical, very much branched and tubular glands. The tubules of left collateral glands are opaque white while those of right transparent and colorless. The ducts of two glands unite to form a common duct, which open on the dorsal side of genital chamber. It secretes material which forms the dark and hard covering of ootheca or the egg pod.

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