Farm and Farming System and Its Classification


Farm and Farming System and Its Classification

Farm: It is organized economic unit in which crop and animal production is carried out with purpose of producing economic net returns.

Farming System: It is a part of farm system which crop production, animal production and combination of both i.e Mixed Farming.

Farm Area: Productive land- cropped area/ fields pastures, plantations, fishponds, forest etc. + indirectly productive land- farm building, ditches, roads etc. + fallow land + unproductive land. Rocks, deserts within farm boundaries.

In the system theory, the terms input and output linked with farming system.

These are Classified as:

1. Economic Input and Output: Are those which usually registered a farm management sheet and comprise all items which are gathering brought or sold which have a value in terms of opportunity cost.

Inputs: Land, labour and means of production.

Outputs: Goods sold and consumed in the farm household.

2. Non-economic Input and Output: Are the free goods from the point of view of farmers.

Inputs: Solar energy, Rainfall etc.

Out Puts: Salts leaving through drainage, O2 etc.

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