Factors to be considered while Selecting the Site for Fruits


Factors to be considered while Selecting the Site for Fruits

1. Climate and Soil:

Climate and soil are the chief natural factors on which the success or failure of the fruit growing is dependent. Knowledge of the effect of various soil and climatic condition on fruit growing is very essential for every prospective fruit growers as a fruit cannot be grown successfully in every type of soil and climate. Climate includes several factors like temperature, rain, atmosphere, humidity, wind, hails, light, whereas the soils are such factors as physical condition of the soil and its fertility, nature of sub –soil, its drainage condition, temperature texture and its consumption.

2. Transport Facilities:

Most of the fruits are perishable and as such their quick transport to the market without much loss time is important and for this reason the site selected should be nearer to a cooperative marketing center and should be connected by a good road or railway, will reduce the transportation cost.

3. Irrigation Facilities:

Adequate irrigation facilities should be available at hand and round the year. The supply of water should be plentiful and it should b available at a reasonable cost, otherwise the cost of production will be increased. The water should be free from objection able impurities. (Salts)

4. The site should not be close to any diseased plantation or must be isolated from old plantation.

5. Cheap Man Power:

While selecting the site availability of cheap labour in the vicinity be taken into considerable so as to keep down the production cost.

6. Owner’s House:

For effective supervision of the orchard, it is essential that the owner should have his home in his orchard. Therefore, availability of medical, educational and social amenities in the vicinity also be considered while selecting the site.

7. The selected soil should be free from cyclones, frost, hails, storms, strong and not wounds.

8. Market:

The varieties of crop selected should command a good demand in the market. The market facilities must be available in selected site for ideal fruit orchard.

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