Factors Influencing The Composition of FYM


Factors Influencing The Composition of FYM

1) Source of manure: Composition of manures varies with kind of animal producing it. Poultry droppings is the richest followed by sheep manure for nutrient contents. Dung contains phosphate while urine contains N and K2O. Amount of urine soaked in bedding material also decides the composition and vary with kind of animal.

2) Food of the animal: The richer the food in proteins, the richer will be the manure in ‘N’ which comes out in the dung and urine.

3) Age and condition of the animal: Young animals need more proteins to build up their body; hence manure is poorer in N content than old animals. Manure of sick animal is richer than healthy animals.

4) Function of the animals: Milch cantles utilize proteins for milk production; hence manure is poor in N, P & K content than draft purpose animals as they utilize more carbohydrates.

5) Nature & proportion of litter: The composition of litter varies with the kind of straw and hence will affect the quality of manure. Bajara stalks are rich in N, P & K followed by wheat & maize.

6) Preservation: Under ordinary storage, there are losses of N. Potash get lost due to leaching when the manure is too moist.

There are 3 methods of FYM preparation:

1. Heap,
2. Box and
3. Pit or Trench method.

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