Extension Teaching


Extension Teaching

 It is the process of arranging situations in which the important things learned are called to the attention of the learners, their interest developed, desire aroused, and action promoted.

Principles of Extension Teaching:

The principles which need to be followed for making the extension teaching effective are discussed here:

Extension Teaching Requires Specific and Clearly Defined Objectives:

While deciding the objectives of teaching, following aspects are to be considered:

a. People to be taught.
b. Behavioural changes to be developed in people.
c. Content or subject matter to bring the desired change in behaviour.
d. The life situation in which the action is going to take place.

1. Extension Teaching Requires a Suitable Learning Situation:

The learning situation consists of the following five inter-related elements:

a. Instructor (Extension Worker)
b. Learners (Farmers, Women, Youth)
c. Subject Matter (i.e. Agriculture, Horticulture, Social Forestry)
d. Teaching Materials (Seeds, Plants, Audio-visual aids).

2 .Extension Teaching Requires Effective Communication:

Extension teaching, to the effective, must take into consideration proper functioning of the elements of communication process.

a. Communicator
b. Message
c. Channel
d. Treatment
e. Audience

Effective communication can motivate people to act.

3. Extension Teaching Requires Both Content End Method:

Content means the subject matter. Method means the delivery system. Content should be relevant and method should be appropriate.

4. Extension Teaching must be Looked Upon as an Intentional Process:

It should be properly planned on the basis of existing situation and available research findings. There is no scope for haphazard thinking and action.

5. Extension Teaching must Result in Effective Learning:

The topic taught should be understood by the learners. As per the situation, combinations and teaching methods should be done. It should lead to maximum behavioural change among the farmers.

6. Extension Teaching Requires Careful Evaluation of Results:

The changes brought about in the behaviour of people need to be assessed. Later, steps need to be taken to meet to the deficiencies identified in the process.

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