Disorders in Cauliflower


Disorders in Cauliflower

Various disorders are observed in Cole crops. These are physiological disorders. Some disorders are also caused by climate and injury to growing bud.


The buttoning means production of small button like curds. This is due to sudden check in the vegetative growth. The reasons attributed are over aged seedlings, poor nitrogen supply, planting early varieties in late season and change in temperature.


Premature initiation of floral bud is characterized by richens. Such curds are poor in quality for marketing. Ricyness result due to unfavorable temperature for a given variety.


This is caused due to deficiency of boron in soil. In serious cases stem becomes hollow with water soaked tissues. In advanced stage pinkish or brown area develop on surface of the curd. This can be controlled by applying sodium borax 20 kg/ ha or spraying of boron 0.25 to 0.50 % solution.


 This is caused due to molybdenum deficiency. Young plants turns white particularly along the leaf margins and also become cupped and whiter and dies. Apply molybdenum @ 1 kg/ ha to control the malady. Leaf blades do not develop properly, only midrib develops.


Blind cauliflower plants are those without terminal buds. The leaves which develop are large, thick leather and dark green. Blindness is supposed to be due temperature or injury due to cultural operation, insect and pest disease.

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