Disease and Pest Management in Reddish


Disease and Pest Management in Reddish


Radish is a short duration crop. Therefore, prompt care has to be taken to control diseases and pest. Alternate blight white rust is important diseases. Alternaria blight attack on leaves seen in the form of small, yellowish, slightly raised lesions. It is more in rainy season. Spray crop with copper- oxychloride to control disease. The disease is not so important in winter season in our area.


1. Mustard Saw Fly:

Mustard saw fly is most destructive is most destructive insect of radish in our region. If not controlled in time causes serious damages to the crop. It attacks the crop on leaves. The grub feeds on the leaves and pods. In severe cases complete defoliation occurs. Spray with Malathion to control disease.

2. Aphids:

Aphids are most serious pest particularly in rainy season. Under sever infestation plants are completely devitalized. Leaves and shoots curl up, become yellowish and finally die. Spraying with Malathion 0.05 per cent check the attack of aphids.


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