Difference Between Training and Pruning


Difference Between Training and Pruning

The two practice training and pruning are often considered as one and the same pruning in broader sense means cutting of plant parts and include both real pruning as well as pruning for training, however these two terms differ from each other.




Training is originated by the observation that the branches horizontally disposed bear more fruit than the vertical one which are sky to bearing likewise the upper branches bear more fruit then the lower ones.

Pruning is originated by the observation that simple disposition of the branches in a particular position is not sufficient to achieve be crop but a definite fruits are exists on the plants towards which if sap flows as divert to plant bears as abundantly and superior quality.


Training is mainly concerned with giving a frame and shape to the plant.

Pruning has an effect on the function of plant as it influences cropping of plant highly.


Training determines the general character and even details of plant out line its branching and frame work.

Pruning determines the capacity of plant to produce fruit.


By training we can keep the plant or vine in a manageable shape and can dispose the branches in desirable direction and position.

BY pruning we can actually drive the flow of sap towards fruiting area on plant and force the plant or vine bear better quality of fruits e.g. Grape.


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