Detection of Adulteration in Khoa


Detection of Adulteration in Khoa


To detect adulterated khoa.

Relevant information:

Khoa is often adulterated with wheat or rice flour (starch). Hence iodine method is used to its direction; iodine solution gives intense blue colour with starch due to formation of unstable complex starch iodine compound.

Material required:

 i) Khoa
 ii) Starch
 iii) Water
 iv) Iodine solution (1%)


i) Test tube
ii) Test tube holder
iii) Gas burner
iv) Physical balance.


1. Mix about 5 gm of khoa in 15 ml water.
2. Take about 3 gm of the mixed solution in a test tube.
3. Boil the content over a burner.
4. Cool and add one drop of 1 % iodine solution and observe the colour.
5. Presence of starch as adulterant in khoa gives blue colour with iodine solution.

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