Depth for Planting of Bulbous


Depth for Planting of Bulbous

The depth of planting i.e. soil above a bulb various according to its type but in any case should not the more than twice the height of bulb. It planted too deep, it will rot or not flower or produce less number of cormels, bulb. The bulb planted at the some time but slightly deeper may flower later. A good depth fo0r the bulb is 5 to 10 cm for Caladium and Tuberose, 12.5 to 17.5 cm Amaryllis.

The bulb with nook as in Amaryllis, Tuberose, are so planted that the top of the neck of bulb is at the soil level. If planted the deep flowering will be delayed or no flower.

In short, shallow planting of 10-15 cm depth is essential in bulbous plants, which will results into good flowering, early flowering, more cormcls or bulbcts without causing decaying of the bulbs or corms.

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